Cool Services, Tips & Scripts

Broken Link Check by Xenu – EVERYONE uses Xenu. An oldie but a goody. FREE.
DNS Stuff – This site will provide you with a DNS report for your domain. A very large percentage of domains have DNS problems; this site will help you find those problems and fix them.
Domain Name Stalker – track your own domains as well as ‘stalk’ other domains in case they come up for renewal.
Download a Site from the Internet – with Backstreet Browser – makes downloading sites from the Internet a SNAP! FREE!
Exercise your eyes!
File Extension Source – research file extensions, what does that file type mean?
Freeware Utilities – A list of 450+ freeware utilities
News Feed – Syndic8
Official US Time – Pick a time zone.
PDF Maker – Free
PDF Planet – A PDF user community. Learn how to do it ALL here!
Search Engine Relationship Chart – Makes a beautiful color print out!
Spamdemic Map – a map of the people that sell your E-mail address – a MUST see!
Spell Checker – ONLINE! – I love this service (I’ve used the free service) and have been needing something like this for a LONG time. Great prices/plans if you need a bit more.
Those Crazy Acronyms/Emoticons
URL Shortening Service / Tiny URL – a way to turn a long URL into a short one – FREE!
Web Site Grabber – grabs the whole site!
Way Back Machine – Internet Archive – type in your domain and see all the archived versions of it
What OS are they using?
World Time Zone
Zip Code Locator Script – Script that lets someone search for the closest business/facility via zip code

Dilbert Mission Statement Generator
Gibberish Generator
Greeking Machine
Lorem Ipsum Generator 2

STATISTICS (resolution, color, browsers)
Google Zeitgeist – Search patterns, trends, and surprises according to Google
IP Chicken – What’s your IP address?
Stat Trends